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The most consistently top-performing trusts over the last decade

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Nick Train: the value in Unilever

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Are Unilever shares a good investment right now? 

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Nick Train: The UK shares I'm buying where profit growth 'looks assured' 

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Following that Train of thought 

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Train gains as Pearson soars

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Top alpha-generating trusts revealed

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Pearson is "mortifying"

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Investment trust awards 2017: Best UK income trust

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Fund star mortified at Pearson share price falls:Finsbury Growth And Income boss demands proof firm is recovering

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Nick Train: The reasons I keep owning Pearson shares, despite the negatives

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Nick Train: 5 things horror stock Pearson needs to do well

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Train 'mortified' by plummeting Pearson share price

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Nick Train hits out at hedge fund bets against Hargreaves

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Nick Train: The one 'alluring investment' I bought more after Brexit vote

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The 10 shares owned by 70% of UK equity income funds 

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Investment Trusts Top The Most Popular List 

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Set some investment objectives and an asset allocation 

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Nick Train: Why investors should stick with LSE shares

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Nick Train labels EU block on LSE deal 'an act of self harm'

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Trust this market beater not to fidget 

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Top Junior Isa funds chosen by the experts 

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The income and growth trusts that topped the ISA charts 

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Train and Wright enter fund manager Hall of Fame 

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Which manager's have made it into FE's Hall of Fame for the first time? 

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Investment trusts: The basics and 10 trusts to buy and hold 

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Questor: Unilever may appear to be expensive, but this is a business of unique quality 

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Nick Train buys more 'rare and valuable' Unilever 

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Nick Train: Why Unilever shares continue to be a bargain 

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Where we are investing our ISA allowances 

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Where Do Morningstar Professionals Put Their Money? 

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Nick Train: Why I'm still holding Pearson 

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What you can learn from Nick Train's nightmare with Pearson 

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Lindsell Train: Pearson can still be a digital winner 

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Unilever surges on Kraft Heinz $143bn takeover bid 

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Nick Train: UK inflation will stay low, and the share to buy for profit 

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Which Top Rated Investment Trusts Can You Buy At A Discount? 

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Growth, value, momentum and income investing: which is best?

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January's 10 most-bought trusts 

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10 shares that pass Warren Buffet's test 

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Train defends performance of £977m trust 

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Train: There is nowhere to hide from technology 

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'Grumpy' Nick Train delivers another Pearson apology 

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Nick Train: The FTSE100 stocks I am 'extremely bullish' on for 2017 

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Numis: our New Year investment trust tips 

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Investor View:"Finding Low Risk Assets Is Difficult"

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Five global trusts that Winterflood has just added to its model portfolio 

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Winterflood: investment trust tips for 2017

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Winterflood's top investment trust picks for 2017 

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December's 10 most-bought trusts

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'Complacent' Train sticks with consumer stocks 

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Finsbury Growth & Income Trust Outperforms Benchmark Index 

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Nick Train more bullish than ever before on equities 

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Nick Train: Three global stocks that can deliver returns for the long-term

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The charts showing the UK investment trusts with the decade's best risk-adjusted returns 

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4 shares the pros are buying and selling 

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Nick Train: Uptick in M&A signals greater confidence 

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Nick Train's Schroders and Hargreaves conviction grows 

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Train on biggest threat to his £6bn 

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How the FE Alpha Managers running both open- and closed-ended fund have performed

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Why Train is buying more Hargreaves Lansdown shares

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Revealed: Winners of the Investment Company of the Year Awards 2016

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Kepler: Three UK trusts that are best-protected from market dividend cuts

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October's most-bought trusts 

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UK income trust bargains up for grabs, says Stifel 

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Income Investors Look to Global Equities and Infrastructure

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A 'wake-up call' for closed-end funds 

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October: Mergers, Fund Launches and Manager Walk-outs 

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Think of your portfolio as a football team 

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Nick Train: where to find future stock market winners 

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IC Book Club: Stories from Silicon Valley 

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Fee change at Finsbury Growth & Income 

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Nick Train reveals what will drive long-term FTSE returns 

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Investment Trust Watch 

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Finsbury Growth & Income introduces tiered fee 

20 October 2016, The Telegraph,

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Who is up? Who is down? in the Investment Trust Top 20 

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'Be fully invested in equities', says star manager Train 

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10 superb investment trusts for beginners 

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Finsbury Growth & Income amends fee structure as it nears £1bn 

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Finsbury Growth & Income adjusts fees to suit £1bn scale 

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'Be fully invested in equities,' says Finsbury Growth & Income's Nick Train 

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Nick Train trust to mark £1bn landmark with fee cut 

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Nick Train: The FTSE 100 stock I'm buying more of, despite its 32 per cent share price fall 

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September's 10 most-bought investment trusts 

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Investment Trust Insider 

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Questor share tip: Buy Sage, owned by four top managers, with 'skin in the game' 

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Nick Train: Don't entrust your money to the clever-clogs* 

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The best performing Rated fund three months after Brexit

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How to become a billionaire 

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Nick Train: I love Euromoney (& can't believe my luck) 

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August's 10 most-bought trusts 

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Nick Train: The US technology share that I think has 'years of growth to come', despite the share price gains 

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Revealed: Finalists for the 2016 Investment Company of the Year Awards 

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The top-performing UK trusts that are still cheaper than their open-ended rivals 

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Income star stubs out tobacco on 'safe haven' fears 

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Sage bucks rising FTSE on data breach woes

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Is technology finally delivering on the failed promise of the nineties dotcom bubble? 

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Investment Trust Watch: small cap trusts look 'cheap' 

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Investors embrace Property and Smaller Companies trusts 

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Not all financial stocks are bad banks says Finsbury's Nick Train 

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Nick Train: Why Brexit changes "little or nothing" for investors 

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July's 10 most-bought trusts 

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The investment trusts that have consistently outperformed for a decade 

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Finsbury Growth & Income: Nick Train Dismisses Brexit Risk 

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Manager continuity key to consistent trust outperformance 

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Nick Train: The FTSE100 stock I keep buying more of because it can 'accelerate' its growth for years to come

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4 shares the pros are buying 

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Infrastructure and specialist property trusts lead fundraising tables in Q2 

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Investment Adviser 100 Club - July 2016 

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Closed-ended funds show their resilience 

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The winning investment trusts of 2016's opening half 

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Investor Views: Taking a Warren Buffett Approach 

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June's 10 most-bought trusts 

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There can be positives within the Brexit negativity 

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What is a value investor? 

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Brexit: what it means for Finsbury Growth & Income 

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How Nick Train shouldered Brexit pain

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Nick Train: LSE and financial holdings hit Finsbury returns 

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Nick Train: My plans for Finsbury Growth & Income following the EU referendum 

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Investor views: "I've doubled my money in Banking shares" 

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Nick Train: The biggest sin in the fund management world is holding too much cash 

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The best UK trusts for making the most of rallying markets 

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Nick Train: The five UK shares I think are a tremendous buying opportunity right now

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An early start to fund significant life costs 

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18 diverse fund picks to boost income

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May's most-bought trusts 

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Investment Trust Watch 

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What Investment Trust 2016 Awards winners revealed 

24 May 2016, What Investment,
Nick Train: The FTSE 100 stock I'm buying more of despite share price weakness 

18 May 2016, Citywire,
How Finsbury gave Train the platform for gains 

18 May 2016, Hargreaves Lansdown,
Finsbury Growth & Income Trust 

17 May 2016, CityWire,
Trust Insider: how Nick Train has revolutionised Finsbury Growth 

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Nick Train - My top tips for private investors to grow their wealth 

13 May 2016, FT Adviser,
Finsbury Growth & Income beats FTSE All-Share benchmark 

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Experts flag the chance to buy 'exceptional' Finsbury Growth & Income Trust on price dip 

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Lessons from a star fund manager 

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Nick Train: What will drive bond proxies even higher in the coming years

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The FTSE 100 stocks I'm backing for the long term 

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Isa fund tips: best UK income funds

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Top manager outlines his strategy for success 

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Trust watch: Finsbury Growth & Income - a gem for patient savers 

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Queen's Birthday special: Investment trusts 90 years on 

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Nick Train: Why I am a raging bull and you should be too, despite Brexit fears

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Why Nick Train Still Rates Burberry 

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Nick Train: What investors should do about Brexit, and why Unilever shares are my biggest investment 

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March's 10 most-bought trusts

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My income portfolio earns me £10,000 

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From the nifty 50 to the handy half-dozen 

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Moneywise Investment Trust Awards 2016 

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Nick Train: The three FTSE100 stocks I've bought during the volatility 

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Minor investor: Why long-term investing works - and the easiest way to do it 

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These markets aren't scary, says star fund managers 

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UK equity income investment trusts double value over 20 years 

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Nick Train: What investors are getting wrong about 2016's 'horrendous' volatility 

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Six long-term stalwarts to tuck away 

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February's 10 most-bought trusts 

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Nick Train: I am massively positive... 

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Copycat investing: How to invest like Warren Buffett and other gurus  

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'Stubborn' Train buys another round 

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12 ideal trusts for long-term regular savers 

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Trust Insider: Why small caps have taken the lead for UK income 

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Nick Train: Why I've just bought more of my own trust

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January's 10 most-bought trusts

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"$20 oil? I can't think of anything more bullish!"

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Nick Train: Dearth of decent UK income stocks could see Finsbury IT go global

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Finsbury Growth & Income Trust: Nick Train Buys First New Stock in 4 Years 

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Nick Train: The FTSE100 company I'm perilously close to selling 

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Train sorry for 'stubbornness and stupidity' on Pearson 

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Investing Tips: Top fund and trust ideas for income investors 

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Train: Why it may be time to ignore the 'marco-gloomsters'

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Train: The key lessons I have learned from Warren Buffett 

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Train: 'We do not think we've solved the investment challenge' 

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Nick Train powered by 'great' Hargreaves Lansdown year 

18 Jan 2016, CityWire,
Train rues 'galling' losses on Pearson and Burberry 

14 Jan 2016, FE Trustnet,
The three UK FE Alpha managers you should be buying

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Fidelity adds 49 investment trusts to funds supermarket 

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Nick Train: The two UK 'technology' stocks I have faith in for 2016, despite the huge share price gains 

8 Jan 2016, FE Trustnet,
Should you sell these top-performing investment trusts?